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Well fuck, I guess i'll post something (drinking a bit and listening to my old shitty music)

I almost have hit 100 songs on here! I swear before it hits 2018 I will have 100 music submissions! Be them shit or good fuck it!

Also, I never post finished crap to newgrounds just demo and shit I working on witch I guess is a demo in itself.



I just noticed

2008-08-29 18:26:22 by 5Dollar

I'm stupid, like there is nooooo tomorrow :D

I'm comming back to flash!

2008-08-23 23:40:19 by 5Dollar

yes thats right im doing flash again! I'm not going to make anything amazing! Just some random stuff like my new Flash Epic dance!

Screw Flash!!!

2007-12-29 16:38:24 by 5Dollar

Yeah Screw flash im doing audio now me and my band are better at it :P
Wow facedown is doing better then Dammit aww and I liked Dammit more.
It's funny Dammit was #1 for 30 mins atleast.

Dammit - 461 - Place - Song -

Facedown - 1(for now) - Place - Song -

Just some random things

2007-09-24 18:59:14 by 5Dollar

Well, I'm still learning how to draw over flash not getting the hang of it yet. I have so many great Ideas I just can fucking DRAW! well I geuss this pic bellow is my best drawing hahaha SAD!

Just some random things

Bored, wanna make a new flash Cant draw!!!

2007-08-25 03:51:52 by 5Dollar

YES PEOPLE I'M BORED!!!! and I want to make a new flash but I cant draw :(


2007-08-17 13:45:45 by 5Dollar

Yep hi!